Monday, February 13, 2012

We Don't Need Any Chicken Robots

My humans were watching a television show called Robot Chicken, and this show is a major concern for me. As my regular readers are aware, I am not a fan of birds, and a chicken is a bird. In fact, it is a intellectually challenged bird because it can't fly. This makes them easier for a dog to catch so it is actually a good thing for a dog who is in the mood for barbequed or fried chicken. However, this robot chicken concerns me. I don't see the need for a chicken robot, and robots do not make good eating so what is the point of making a chicken robot? I think there is a better use for robotics--like robot sled dogs so huskies like myself can nap and have snacks instead of pulling a sled. Some of you might say that the humans could just use one of those snow vehicles, but those snow vehicles do not have cute tails to watch as you are riding along. It is like the caboose on a train--the humans always used to wait to see the caboose. It was the best part of the train--partly because the caboose meant that they didn't have to wait any longer for the train to quit blocking the roadway. Anyway, the Robot Chicken program is funny, but this dog would prefer it wasn't a chicken or anything in the bird family. I really don't like birds!

Demon Flash Bandit (Chickens Don't Need to be Robots)

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