Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Fried McRib Sounds Delicious!

I'm ready to take a trip to Austria. I'll have to ask my pal Raja who travels all over the world if a dog needs a passport or not. You might wonder why I want to go to Austria so much so I'll explain. McDonalds in Austria is offering for a limited time a fried McRib sandwich topped with bacon and pepper jack cheese. I would prefer a different cheese, but the rib and bacon sounds like McDonalds has finally gotten intelligent and hired a dog to tell them what to serve. This little bit of heaven probably won't be offered in the United States, and that is probably because the humans are always against good food. Yeah, I know it is silly. I have yet to meet another dog who is worried about calories or diet. We eat what we like, and let me tell you, it is wonderful. The only dogs on diets are put on them by the stupid humans. I think this is silly anyway because some humans have no health problems to keep them from eating the good stuff, and as long as it is an occasional indulgence, I think the humans are okay eating what they like. Some humans never develop the problems that the humans worry about so much no matter what they eat. I say bring on the ribs and bacon. This dog wants to try them without having to go to Austria which is a long way to go for dinner. Fot those who want to see what the sandwich looks like, go to this site:

Demon Flash Bandit (Fried McRib Sandwich Sounds Delicious)

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