Friday, February 17, 2012

Purpose of Stonehenge

It turns out that one of the humans thinks that he has the answer to why Stonehenge was built in Great Britain. He says it has to do with sound. Here is the article for those who want to read about it:

This dog knows the real reason that Stonehenge was built. Many years ago, the humans got together and tried to come up with an idea to make life more interesting. Of course, they had to get some dogs to lead the meeting because everyone knows that dogs are the ones with the genius ideas--not the humans. The dogs suggested that they make a big park, but add some giant rocks. The rocks would make interesting scenery, and also be great to pee on. We dogs do get tired of peeing on trees. In addition, the stones, being big and unusual, would make a great tourist attraction, and bring added money into the local economy. Obviously, the dogs had a great idea because those rocks are still attracting tourists from all over the world. Without the rocks, Stonehenge would be just another field full of grass. For those of you who have been to Stonehenge in person, thank the next dog you see because, without dogs, there would be no Stonehenge.

Now that you have heard both sides, you can now make your decision on the real purpose of Stonehenge, and if you are intelligent, you will choose the dog's side of the story!

Demon Flash Bandit (Relating the Story of Stonehenge)

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