Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Chicken Little Says the Sky is Falling!

Today's blog is considered a fairy tale, but all us dogs know that it really happened. For years, chickens have been calling it a fairy tale so they don't look so stupid. Many years ago, a little chicken who was named Henny Penny or her nickname, Chicken Little, was hanging out with some chicken pals, and an acorn fell from the tree and hit Henny Penny on the head. Henny Penny immediately came to the conclusion that the sky was falling mostly because Henny Penny was an idiot--as are most members of the chicken family. Some dogs were watching and they were laughing and laughing because Henny Penny was running around telling everyone that the sky was falling. The other chickens were in a state of panic over their impending doom. The dogs, being resourceful and intelligent suggested to Henny Penny that she and her chicken friends could hide in the nice metal thing with the top that would protect them from the falling sky. That metal thing was called a grill. Once all the chickens were inside the grill, the dogs turned it on, and they enjoyed barbequed chicken for dinner. I suppose Henny Penny was right after all....the world did end for all the chickens that day! This is also why dumb people are called "bird brains"--it is because birds are stupid!

Demon Flash Bandit (Sharing Story of Chicken Little and the Sky Falling)

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