Sunday, February 19, 2012

I Scored a Snickerdoodle Cookie

Today's blog is for the adventurous dogs like myself who know how to go after what they want. I was doing some counter surfing today--counter surfing is when you put your paws up on the counter or table, and check for tasty human food. I scored a snickerdoodle cookie. It is a delightful cookie that kind of tastes like a sugar cookie with cinnamon added. It is delicious. I think most dogs will enjoy it. In case you are wondering if I got into trouble, of course I didn't. My humans left it for me so that I could enjoy it. Sometimes they give me the cookies directly, but sometimes I enjoy "working" for the cookie. I enjoy a good human cookie although I have nothing against milkbones either. I have found that the food the humans enjoy is usually better than the food made for dogs. I know this isn't fair, but that is why a smart dog always goes for what the humans are eating. Speaking of cookies, I have read that some websites leave cookies on your computer. I am very annoyed because I have looked on the computer many times and not one time have I found a cookie. I wonder if the humans are eating them before I can get them.....

Demon Flash Bandit (Discussing Cookies)

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