Thursday, February 16, 2012

I'll Take Some Flying Burgers, Thank You!

Humans in South Carolina saw some bright lights in the sky a couple of days ago. The lights have been explained as a bolide. This dog is not falling for this explanation partly because I have no idea what a bolide is. I've asked other dogs, and they have never heard of it either. Therefore, the "head humans" may fool the other humans giving silly names to things, but we dogs know that the aliens were here. They were probably getting a snack from a local restaurant. Many aliens are very fond of Earth food, and they stop in occasionally to pick up a carry-out order. I know when I go for a ride, I like to stop and get food so I'm going to assume that aliens think the same way since they are obviously an advanced civilization.

In other news, there was an incident of flying Cheetos at Lafayette High School in Indiana. This incident is good news for the aliens. If they can get food to start flying to them, they won't have to come to Earth to pick it up. Whenever they come here to pick up their food, it always excites the humans. I personally would love it too. I could sit here and call McDonalds and tell them to have a burger fly to my house when I am hungry. It beats having to go and get it!

Demon Flash Bandit (Flying Food Delivery)

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  1. I wish I could have some cheetos fly on over here! BOL BOL!