Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Dog Gone Fishing

A dog gets bored doing the same thing everyday. Although I do enjoy my naps, sometimes a dog needs to get up and do something different which is why I decided to go fishing. Fishing is quiet, and you get to sit around on the shore or in a boat, and you hold a rod in your paw, and wait for a fish to bite the bait. Having learned a few things from experience, I plan to share those tips with my readers. First of all, do not use hamburgers as bait. I can't say that fish won't eat them, but why would you feed something tasty like that to the fish when you can eat them yourself? I would rather have a hamburger than fish anytime! Unless you are a dog who enjoys water, try not to fall into the water. Being wet is something that many dogs do not enjoy--including ones like myself who don't care for baths. Remember, just because you are "fishing" does not mean that you can't leave the rod temporarily if you see something interesting like a squirrel. Squirrels expect to be chased by a dog, and would have hurt feelings if you sat there fishing once you have spotted one. If you see a black and white cat with a stripe down its back, you can go home with an interesting smell which won't be appreciated by the humans. Don't worry about it. To a dog, a smell is a smell and all are interesting....chase the striped cat too. You can get back to the fishing when you are done with the chase. If anyone is playing ball in a nearby park, be sure and get involved, no self respecting dog can resist a game of ball. Chances are good that you will have a human with you anyway. Let them do the work of fishing. You are a dog and as such, should not be expected to work. I am going to share a link with you about a man who has taken his dog with him on fishing trips. Keep in mind that his veiwpoint is that of a human; and is therefore, stupid.

Demon Flash Bandit (Dog Gone Fishing)


  1. I think I'd choose squirrel chasing over fishin'. Even though fishies can be yummy, nothing compares to rodent.

  2. I do agree--squirrel chasing is fun!!! It beats fishing anyday!