Thursday, February 2, 2012

Art Subject: Birds

I was trying to decide how to get the message out that birds are evil so I took matters into my own paws, and "drew" a "photo" of a bird and what he was saying. You can trust me to draw an exact duplicate of real life. They don't call me Da (Vinci) Demon for no reason. Now all I have to do is persuade my humans to put this on t-shirts for the entire world to see. I am now negotiating with several museums who want to display my art work. It would be nice to allow the Metropolitan Museum in NYC to have it, but I might let it stay closer to home at the Detroit Institute of Art. Then I would be able to go and see it when I'm in the mood. I do understand why the museums are so excited since most dogs aren't into art unless it is lawn art. I hope this real life drawing makes the humans realize that birds are evil and must be stopped before it is too late!!!!

Demon Flash Bandit (Artist)

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