Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Royal Yacht

Since the British tax payers do not want to pay for a new yacht for Queen Elizabeth that would cost $92 million, I have some ideas for the Queen to help her pay for the new yacht. I have offered her a job mowing my yard. I think I could find other odd jobs around here for her to do. However, my family does not have $92 million dollars so she might have to take on some tasks for other humans. Personally, I do not think the Queen really needs a new yacht. In fact, everytime I see her in photo shoots, she does not really look that happy. I think the Queen needs some time for fun--and not that royal type fun that looks annoying. I'm talking about real fun--like us dogs like to enjoy. Perhaps romping around the yard, and smelling some good smells. That makes me happy, and it does not cost $92 million dollars. In fact, both activities are free. I hope the Queen Lady finds some things to do that make her happy. I bet her dogs could teach her a bunch of fun things to do! Hey, I just thought of a great way for her to make extra money.....has she considered wearing a Walmart tshirt and having Walmart pay her to do so.....I bet that would make Walmart look a lot classier, and God knows they need help in that area if you have ever been to peopleofwalmart.com

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  1. They might be able to get a good deal on one khurrently in Italy -

    It khould be a bit of fixerupper but...

    PeeEssWoo: Mom is going to wash out her eyeballs after the thought of the people of wallyword website...just sayin'