Sunday, January 22, 2012

Dogdude:Great American Dog Hero

With the recent popularity of the Batman movie franchise, I have decided it is time to write a script involving a new superhero that the young people can relate to more than the traditional Batman. He will be called Batdude. Wait, why bother with Batman? I will write about an even cooler super hero, Dogdude. Dogdude will wear a cool cape, and he will come when called-if he is in the mood. There are times when the humans call me, and I am relaxing. I don't bother to go to them because I know that they are calling me for some silly reason, and I'm not going to get up for their amusement. He will eat only human food, and will expect treats for a job well done--like rescuing the humans from the stupid situations they manage to get themselves into. Dogdude will be the greatest super hero ever to grace the big screen, and he will be played by me because I am the only dog who can pull off such a cool part. The studios will only have to pay me $70 million dollars, but I'm sure that won't be a problem. I'm sure they know that they are getting a bargain when they get me for such a small sum.

Demon Flash Bandit (DogDude)

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