Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Modern Family---Bleeping a Word

I happen to like the television show, Modern Family, so I was annoyed to see in the news today that some of the humans are upset because the little girl on the show starts saying a "bad word", and it gets bleeped out so that you can't hear it. There are only two reasons for being upset about the little girl saying a word that you can't actually hear. Reason 1: You are curious, and want to know what the word really is. I really think that is no reason to get upset over the entire show. I know the humans are curious by nature, but the studio might be saving the word for the dvd or, and this is probably the case, the word is never said, but it is bleeped out for effect. Reason 2 is that some of the humans are upset over profanity being used by a child. Evidently, these humans have not visited a school lately because the kids nowadays are far more versed in it than those of past generations. Besides, as I said earlier, chances are the bleep is for effect. It is a shame that many of the humans aren't smart enough to understand this concept. I might add that, for those of us who watch Modern Family (and my humans have it on dvd), the show is not a 1950's type show so it you are upset by profanity, I would suggest not watching it in the first place. It always amazes me that the humans do not seem to be capable of operating a remote control to turn off the television or change the channel. My humans aren't not geniuses, and they managed to work the television even before they came with remotes. Yes, you actually had to get up and walk across the room to turn the television on or off or to change the channels. Life was so tough back then. I'm glad I live in a more modern era. I personally have not seen the episode in question, but I really hate it when some of the humans want to tell other humans what to watch and how to live. Most of the time, they are also the ones whose own lives are a mess. Maybe they need to mind their own business and fix their own problems.

Demon Flash Bandit (Discussing Modern Family)

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