Wednesday, January 4, 2012

I'm the Cookie Bandit!

Earlier today I was in the mood for a cookie. When I say "cookie", I am talking about the cookies the humans eat, not dog biscuits. I am particularly fond of peanut butter cookies. Anyway, I have heard that there are Keebler elves who make cookies, and they bake those cookies in hollow trees. I thought this would be useful information since we have a lot of trees around here, and I could check to see which tree the elves are using for their cookie business. I could also get a couple of tasty cookies while I am there. I went outside and I checked every tree in the yard, and there were no elves in any of them. Unless the elves have some advanced technological force field that keeps a dog from seeing them, they weren't there. Besides, even if they could not be seen by a dog, it would be hard to keep a dog from smelling those delicious cookies. If you ask me, it is false advertising to tell a dog that the cookies are made in trees if the dog can't find the tree. Because I was so annoyed, I made sure I lifted my leg to every tree in the yard. The trees appreciate being watered, and just in case those elves are hiding, they deserve a shower. In the future, I will be checking every tree I see just to make sure that there are no elves hiding in the tree refusing to give a dog cookies!

Demon Flash Bandit (Call Me Cookie Bandit)

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