Sunday, January 15, 2012

Illegal Alien Worms Not Welcome Here

I just discovered an item on the Internet that claims that space rocks might have fossillized worms in them. This brings me to the conclusion that some of the rocks might have live worms in them. Worms are disgusting creatures, and I think we have more than enough of them here on Earth. We don't need to have them coming here from outer space. Besides, birds eat worms so it will just encourage the birds to have more birdlings. From what the humans say, there are already illegal aliens living in the United States so I think we have put up with enough from these "space creatures". I think it is time to put them all on a spaceship and send them back to wherever they belong! I'm surprised none of the humans running for political office have mentioned this plan. I guess it is too simple for them to understand. Anyway, I think this needs to be done before space fleas start coming here too. I dislike worms, but I hate fleas, and they are one of the most useless life forms on the planet. For those who want to read more details about the annoying space worms, here is the article:

Demon Flash Bandit (Don't Allow Illegal Worm Aliens into the Country)

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