Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A Ghost Did It!

A recent case of domestic abuse in Wisconsin has two different views of the same story. The wife says her husband hit her and tried to strangle her. Michael West, the husband, said a ghost did it. Paranormal researchers who were asked about the possibility of a ghost hitting the woman think that it was not a ghost, but that the husband was the culprit. I don't think the husband's past history of domestic abuse was helpful to the "ghost excuse", but you can't blame him for trying. Personally, I think this man deserves some credit for creativity. How many people would think of such a ridiculous excuse? If I were him, I would be a bit worried because there could be some ghosts out there that don't appreciate being falsely accused. Perhaps they will dispense their own "ghostly justice", and the next time the police are coming to his aide, he will be telling the truth when he says a ghost did it!

For those who would like to read the article, here is the address:

Demon Flash Bandit (Not Blaming Ghosts for My Actions)

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