Saturday, June 11, 2011

Email, Silly Hats, and Burger King

I have a few comments on the news that I feel are important. Sarah Palin's email correspondences while she was governor of Alaska have been released, and the amazing thing that has the Internet buzzing is that she can read and write. I know.... I was as shocked as everyone else!

The new Princess is going to get the silly hat award. How can she wear those Dog-awful hats and not cause everyone around her to crack up laughing is beyond me. Of course, I don't live in Great Britain, and I think they have a "don't make fun of the royal family's silly hats" law there. I suppose no one wants to risk their life to let her know that her hats look stupid. I suppose it is a lot like the story of the Emperor's New Clothes. Maybe one day she will get lucky and someone will finally tell her to lose the stupid hat. On St. Patrick's Day, my stunt double, Phantom Fast Snowman (you can purchase Phantom products from http://www., wore a hat that looked like a giant beer mug, and he still looked less silly than Kate. I would suggest that if she must wear a hat, get a free one at Burger King. At least BK hats look good.

I have some bad news about Burger King today. Mommy bought me Burger King yesterday at the Howell, MI Burger King. Mommy ordered my usual stacker's without cheese and sauce, and they had a new employee who refused to "allow" Mommy to buy stackers. The employee insisted they were hamburgers with bacon. What does the moron thing stackers are? They are hamburgers with bacon, cheese, and sauce. However, they are more expensive if they are ordered as hamburgers with bacon added, and then they messed up the amount of bacon I was supposed to get. Mommy may never order me BK again. What is a dog to do? Do I have to complain to the corporation myself? Mommy actually referred to letting the corporation know as a waste of time! Why do companies hire employees who think they should tell the customers what to do? Don't they know customers don't like to be argued with? Normally, I don't get upset over customer service issues until they affect a dog and his dinner.

Demon Flash Bandit (Burger King In Trouble)

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  1. I think her dog wrote most of her material...