Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Space Aliens Not Invited to Royal Wedding

I saw something on the Internet news about an Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) flying over London. Wasn't it bad enough that the royal couple, William and Kate didn't invite President Obama to their wedding? Now it turns out that they didn't invite those nice space aliens that sent them that expensive gift. The aliens didn't even realize that the wedding was over. I guess the newscasts take awhile to reach them in space. Thanks to the royal couple causing an intergalactic incident, we could end up vaporized in an intergalactic war. You would think the royal family would be taught better protocol with dealing with space aliens. I've always been taught that the general rule of paw when dealing with an advanced civilization that could vaporize the entire planet.....don't make them mad!!!! This means to include them in your events, and be nice. You are supposed to laugh at their jokes even if their jokes are the worst ones you have ever heard. I don't care if they don't make sense, you laugh and then you laugh some more. No Earthling needs an annoyed alien with fire power.

I think the royal couple is travelling now because they know that if the space aliens find them, they are going to be the target of some serious mayhem. I bet that is why the UFO was hanging out around the BBC. They are hoping that the BBC will televise some news about the royal couple's trip and they can find them with the information. I say turn the royal couple over to the aliens. They are the ones who made the aliens mad. I don't think us dogs should have to suffer!

Demon Flash Bandit (Space Aliens Should be Kept Happy)

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