Friday, June 24, 2011

Don't Mess With a Dog's Nap Time!

There are no small children in my household because my human brothers are adults. Therefore, this dog can relax and take a nap whenever I'm in the mood. However, dogs from families with small children are not always so lucky. Those dogs have told me that sometimes the children refuse to go to sleep and thus, keep a dog awake. I can only imagine the horror when a dog is tired from a hard day of barking and the human puppy won't let the dog sleep! I found an amusing book on this subject. It is a book to be read to children at bedtime. The book is called Go The F**K to Sleep. Mommy found this book to be quite funny because my middle brother was one of those babies who had his days and nights mixed up and it stayed that way most of his life. If he was up, he felt the whole family should be up with him. I didn't know him during that time in his life, but if I did, I think my job as the family dog would have been to make sure he got his times straight. This dog takes my nap times very seriously. It is a very funny book, but if you would be offended by bad language, skip reading it. Of course, if you can't tell from the title that it might have inappropriate language, I doubt that you will be doing much reading anyway.

Demon Flash Bandit (Discussing Children's Literature)

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