Monday, June 27, 2011

Big News: Aniston Gets a Tattoo

I am not a fan of the idea of home schooling. There are many reasons I have this opinion, but I think the most important one is best illustrated by a news story I read today that happened in Gary, Indiana. Christian Choate was an Indiana child who was found dead---a alleged victim of child abuse. His parents kept him in a cage, and he seldom got out except to be beaten. He was seldom fed or given water. He wrote while caged, and he wondered why no one ever came to help him. Why didn't social workers or his teachers step in and do something? Because he was home schooled--that is why. I know that there are a few parents who do a good job at home schooling, and I'm not saying they should not be allowed to do so. However, there seems to be no safeguard for the humans who keep the children at home to hide possible child abuse. Personally, I think children need to have experience with the outside world. I also think that very few parents have the education and temperament to do a good job of teaching their children at home. There are exceptions to every situation, but I wonder how many home schooled children are home because their parents don't want the "system" to find out what they are doing. There are some rotten humans in the world, and they get by with too much in this dog's opinion.

I hate to write about sad things, but the world is not always a happy place, and I think it is my job as a dog to point out when the humans can do better. Thankfully, most of the humans are nice, and the rotten ones are the exception. I just think the nice ones need to keep the rotten ones in line better. Maybe a leash would help.....

In other news, the big news (I'm sure all my readers will agree) is that Jennifer Aniston got a tattoo. This dog would never consider getting a tattoo because I prefer to have my art hanging on walls as Mother Nature intended. However, I think some of the humans get them to look tough. It has to be a blow to their ego that Jennifer Aniston now has one too. Jennifer Aniston just can't look that tough--even with a tattoo. I have a solution for the humans who want to look tough now that a tattoo will no longer do the trick. Those humans can look tough by sewing lace on their blue jeans and t-shirts. Nothing says "I'm tough" like adding lace. By the way, the tattoo Jennifer Aniston has is of her dog. I can't criticize her taste because it is great!

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