Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Dogs Are Smarter Than Birds

Today there was an item in the news about a gray parrot who can think logically--with the kind of thinking skills of a 4 year old human. According to the article, the only other animal who has managed this kind of logical thinking is an ape. This article made me very angry! The writer is saying that apes and gray parrots are smart and other animals like myself (dogs) aren't able to think logically. Have any of you been around a 4 year old human puppy? Let me give you an example of a conversation with an average 4 year old. I'll give you a actual knock knock joke told by an actual 4 year old.
4 year old child: Knock Knock.
Adult: Who's there?
4 year old child: Poop
Adult: Poop Who
4 year old child: Poop poop
As you can see, the 4 year old child is hardly an intellectual, and they do tend to like to tell jokes involving poop. I suppose when looked at from this viewpoint, the gray parrot need not be so proud of his accomplishments. His logical thinking means that he can tell poop jokes as good as a 4 year old human.

However, I am still insulted. I have learned to open car doors and doors in the house. I know how to turn on the radio in the car, and yet no researcher has noticed how smart dogs are? I think it is because the humans are envious of a dog's intellectual capacity. I personally have my own blog. Does that gray parrot write a blog everyday? I think not. The bird is probably too busy telling poop jokes to a 4 year old child. I don't care what the article says---birds are dumb and dogs are intelligent. This is why birds are called bird brains. It is not meant as a compliment.

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  1. After reading this, it seems birds really are smarter than you. =)