Friday, June 10, 2011

The Office--The British Version

Angel Zoom Smokey and myself have been fans of The Office since it first came on the air. We will generally settle down to watch the show. This is why I was intrigued when I had the chance to see the original version of The Office which was on British television. I liked it, but it did leave me with some major questions. The main question is, why does the U. S. version of The Office need a billion or so writers when some of the lines were actually taken from the British show? I have to conclude that the writers on The Office (USA version) aren't very good at their jobs, and most of them must be on Facebook or Twitter rather than writing. In fact, I think that explains why the seasons haven't been as good as time goes on.....the writers are having to do their own writing which obviously is inferior to the British writers. Of course, this is merely my opinion, but as such, is correct and not for anyone to question. After all, I'm a dog so I'm right.

Speaking of humans who aren't doing their jobs properly, it was way too hot here a couple of days ago. This prompted me to have a long talk with Mother Nature. I pointed out that she is getting old and possibly going senile, and she can be replaced. It is much cooler today so I am happy to report that Mother Nature got with the program and cooled things down here. This is one Siberian Husky who does not like heat and will give out some puppy slaps of justice if the weather gets too hot. Even the humans were complaining about the heat. Of course, you have to ignore many of their complaints because they tend to complain about everything! I am glad Mother Nature saw the error of her ways and fixed things. I was afraid that the birds might have been persuading her to make it too hot. Those evil birds are bent on world domination., If only the humans could see how evil they are, but the humans hear them sing and think all is well.

Demon Flash Bandit (The Office and Mother Nature)

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