Monday, June 20, 2011

Buried Treasure!

Brian Dyer of Lakeland, Florida decided to have a swimming pool installed in the back yard of his home. Imagine his surprise when he found that his home was built over a lot of garbage that wasn't supposed to be there. He is very upset since the cost of clean up is going to be very expensive. If Brian Dyer happened to be a dog instead of a human, this would have been a lucky thing for him. A dog would be thrilled to find garbage like that when we are digging a hole. Most dogs only dream of finding a treasure of that calibre when digging. I have heard dogs talk of treasures hidden by such well known pirates such as Blackfur, Francis Dalmatian, and of course, the very well known, Captain Jack Schnauzer (no pirate should have a bird's name). Dogs for generations have searched for their treasures--milkbones, rawhides, etc. However, Dyer has found the mother lode of treasure and he wasn't even looking for it. How lucky can a man get? Of course, being human, instead of being happy with his find, he is complaining about it and talking about cleaning it up. The humans are way too preoccupied with cleaning. All us dogs think they would be happier if they learned to embrace dirt as a way of life. It is a lot more fun than cleaning all the time.

Mommy went to see the movie, Green Lantern yesterday, and she enjoyed it. I will be writing a review of it on my brother's website, . Don't bother to read what the human critics say about the movie. You always get a more accurate account of the movie from a dog.

Demon Flash Bandit (Argh Argh--that is Pirate Talk)

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