Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Super Sized Fantasyland is Not Dog World

About a week ago, I wrote a blog suggesting that Disney should open a new park for dogs and call it Disney Dog World. Actually I don't care what they call it as long as dogs are allowed and it is fun for dogs and their humans. I wrote the article because Disney does not allow dogs in their established parks. They do have kennels in which the dogs can stay while the humans enjoy the park, but no dog wants to be put in doggy jail while his or her humans are having fun. Today I saw in the news that Disney World plans to double the size of Fantasyland. The Dumbo ride will be bigger, and some of the new attractions will be interactive. It is nice that Disney plans to make this improvement, but there was no mention of them opening Disney Dog World as I suggested, a fact which has annoyed me greatly. My blog was right there on the internet for them to read. I could have become an consultant and charged them lots of Burger King gift cards for the idea, but I was kind enough to offer my suggestions free of charge, and the humans running Disney probably didn't even read them.

This brings me to another point. I haven't checked into it, but if we aren't allowed in parks, we probably aren't allowed to vacation on the Disney Cruise ship either. That Disney cruise ship looks like a lot of fun. There are lots of humans to play with and they have swimming, games, and the best thing of all---FOOD. I think a lot of dogs could spend the whole cruise in the dining room eating, and think it was the best vacation of their lives!!! Of course, if we aren't allowed in parks, I doubt that we are allowed on their ship either. That brings up another point---what are old dogs supposed to do for fun? I've observed that many of the older humans love to go on cruises so I bet they must be super fun for the senior citizen humans. Senior dogs like to have fun too! I bet the mouse is allowed on their ship. That mouse seems to be able to do anything he wants to do in the Disney Kingdom. I would love to introduce him to some of the cats I know--they would take care of him in a couple of minutes, and be licking their lips in glee.

I hope Disney comes to their senses and spends some money to open Disney Dog World, and if they do ever open it, I hope they allow Burger King to sell their burgers there because BK is my favorite food!

Demon Flash Bandit (Waiting for Disney to Open Disney Dog World)

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