Sunday, March 28, 2010

Fleas: Nature's Jerks

With warmer temperatures approaching, it is a good time to talk about a dog's arch enemy: the flea. There are many chemical treatments on the market to get rid of fleas, but many humans do not like to use those chemicals so that means they might like to have a natural treatment that will get rid of fleas. For those humans, I have done some painstaking research on the internet for the best ways to get rid of fleas naturally. Okay, I spent about 5 minutes of time researching the topic, but that would be about 35 minutes in dog time.

I think the most logical natural method of getting rid of fleas is to use their natural predators against them. Their natural predators are ants, spiders, ground beetles, and birds. I know I hate to admit that birds are good for anything and normally, I would tell you to kill a bird on sight, but perhaps you could kill them after they eat the fleas in your area. It is customary to give a human their last meal before an execution so you are just letting the birds have a last meal of some tasty fleas. For this method to work, you are going to have to get a lot of the predators and let them loose wherever the dogs happens to be. The dog can laugh about it because he can watch the fleas be eaten by the bugs who think the fleas are gourmet food.

For some of you who might be asking, what do we do about the ants, spiders, and ground beetles once the fleas are gone? The answer it simple, you bring in the predators of those creatures, or you can take the simple route and just spray some bug killing chemicals. Some of you may be asking, why not just spray chemicals in the beginning? If you had done that in the first place, you wouldn't have gotten to experience the joy of seeing and hearing the fleas scream in fear while they are being eaten--and that is a pleasant experience for a dog. I think we share the same opinion of fleas with the humans. I have yet to meet a human who likes them.

Now, I must mush off the computer and make sure that there are no fleas around the house.

Demon Flash Bandit (Fleas: Nature's Jerks)

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