Thursday, March 11, 2010

Lap Top Computer: Just What a Dog Needs

I would like to wish Angel Zoom Smokey, the dog who lives in my house with me, a happy birthday! She is now 3 years old.

Today I would like to complain about this dog not having his own computer. I didn't get to write my blog yesterday because my humans were "busy" with the computer. Just what could a human possibly have to say that is more important than what a dog has to say? I'm sure you already know the answer is NOTHING. Sure, there are a few humans who say important things like the lady years ago on the commercial who used to say, "where's the beef?" I think that lady might have been a dog disguised as a human because we dogs do want to know where our food happens to be. I have no idea why so many misguided humans think that dogs don't need their own computers. I've been writing my thoughts and opinions for years for other dogs on Dogster, but now that I'm moving onto a human audience, it is even more important that I keep up my daily writing because dogs are so much more intelligent than humans. For example, the average human goes to work all day while we nap. If that isn't intelligence on our part, I don't know what is! I think I'll go outside and carry a sign that says unfair writing conditions for a dog. I could "borrow" one from a store, but I think a store might notice if I walk out of a store with a computer in my paws. I could hire a magician to turn a bird into a computer and kill 2 birds with one stone--I'd get a computer and there would be one more dead bird in the world--a win-win situation if you ask me. I could also build my own computer. All a dog needs is some plastic sporks to melt down to get the computer started. By the way, what human invented the spork? It is quite an invention--both a spoon and a fork all in one, and before the human has finished his or her meal, it usually breaks, which is handy for the humans who are trying to watch their weight. But I digress, the whole point of this article is not the brilliant invention of the spork, but the fact that a dog should have his own computer that he does not have to share with his or her humans. Perhaps the direct route of just telling my humans that I want my own computer would work best. Cross your paws for me.

Demon Flash Bandit (Dog Who Needs His Own Personal Computer)

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