Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Modelling Fees

If you are a dog, you have probably had your humans trying to get you to model for photos for them. You know they want photos when they get the camera out. If you really want to avoid having your photos made, you have to prepare ahead of time. Eat the camera when they aren't looking. The humans cannot take photos with a broken camera. However, for many of us having your photo made is no big deal, but I do think that you should be aware that many nice looking humans get paid to pose for photos. They are called models and some of them get paid very well for their time getting their pictures made. With this information in mind, I think it is quite appropriate to send the humans a bill for the time you spend modelling for them. Humans usually just buy stupid stuff with their money anyway so you can use it to buy dog toys, dog treats, and other sensible things like that. We dogs are very much in demand for modelling. Just look through a magazine or turn on the television and watch some of the commercials. There are plenty of dog models that are gracing the pages of magazines and starring on commercials. Has anyone seen the dog who has the human teeth or "doggy dentures" advertising Dentastix? I think that dog is hilarious. Some dogs do have a tremendous sense of humor. One in particular comes to mind--Triumph the Insult Dog. Triumph is one funny dog! I'm sure humans wish they could be so funny.

Mommy bought the Feb./March issue of Bark magazine and there is an article entitled Dogsledding by Jenna Woginrich that is quite interesting for those who like sled dogs. The snow in the photos made this dog wistful for winter again. I love feeling the snowflakes against my paws and on my back--such a wonderful feeling!

I have to mush to bed to take a nap. As usual, I hope everyone has a tail wagging good day!

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