Friday, March 12, 2010

Garage Sales: Sometimes You Can Even Buy the Garage

Now I have a counter on my blog so I can see if any humans are actually reading this blog. It is a good thing a dog can count because I think the humans have problems with numbers higher than 20---you know they have to use their fingers and toes to count. We dogs are blessed with higher functioning brains so we can do higher math without the visuals.

We dogs not only excel in math, but we are also the ones who find most archaeological finds. The humans take credit for them, but let's face it, dogs do love to dig. How many humans really enjoy digging? They may get out the shovels to do it, but usually, their hearts aren't really in it. While I'm discussing archaeology, I want to mention that I recently found a major ancient find at a garage sale. As you know, garage sales are the places to find ancient antiquities and I was fortunate to find Gahiji's diary. Gahiji happens to be an ancient Egyptian dog, and I have shared his diary entry with my dog pals on Dogster. It is a big responsibility owning an ancient antiquity. I have to make sure it is well cared for, and none of the humans are allowed to use it as a napkin no matter how messy the food they are eating happens to be. This dog takes the responsibility of caring for ancient antiquities very seriously.

I've got to go now and mush into the kitchen to check on my treat supply. Some things in a dog's life are more important than writing a blog!

Demon Flash Bandit (Preserving Historical Dogs of the Past so Dogs of the Future Can Read About the Lives of Dogs of the Past, and Making Sure that My Sign Off is One of the Longest in Blog History)

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