Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Demon Flash Bandit of All Trades

Last night Mommy and myself were watching a television show from the years 2000-2001, Jack of All Trades. I enjoyed this show. It took place after the American Revolutionary War. Jack Stiles, is an American agent working with a British agent, on an island in the south Pacific. Their job was to stop Napoleon's colonizing efforts. Bruce Campbell played the part of Jack Stiles, and he also played the part of the Daring Dragoon, the masked man with the cape who was actually Jack Stiles, but of course, the French people never realized this fact. I liked this show, and I have to tell you that Jack Stiles reminds me of myself. I can see myself playing a part like this if they decided to redo this television show starring dogs instead of humans. In fact, I think many television shows would be vastly improved if they replaced the humans with dogs. Speaking of entertaining dogs, there is a movie trailer out for the movie, Marmaduke, and it looks like one awesome movie. I loved the end of the trailer when all the dogs are dancing. Marmaduke is a movie that had the good sense to cast a lot of dogs--I'm hoping it wins an Oscar for best picture.

Demon Flash Bandit (Dogs In Entertainment)

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