Thursday, January 24, 2013

Demon Flash Bandit: Paw Model Extraordinaire

I have decided to EMBARK (it is such a great word, that I had to capitalize it) on a new career.  I am going to be a paw model.  I happen to have such lovely paws that I have been hired to model my paws for a major company.  I will start modelling my front paws, and later on, I'll use my back paws.  I am one of those lucky dogs that has 4 beautiful paws.  Of course, I had to negotiate some special terms for my modelling job.  The company wanted to have the photo shoot in New York City or Los Angeles, but I told them that the photo shoot would be in Alaska or I wouldn't do it.  Naturally, to get a paw model of my quality, the company gave in so I'll be in Anchorage for the shoot.  I don't know why more humans don't want to live in Alaska since the climate is so perfect, but the humans (at least the ones I live with) don't seem to appreciate winter as much as I do.  This is because they are stupid and tasteless.  Anyway, I'll be posting photos of my paws in future blogs.  I'm sure all my readers will be looking forward to seeing the photos.

Demon Flash Bandit (Paw Model)

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