Sunday, January 13, 2013

Belly Buttons Pawned

I know that the economy has been bad for a lot of humans during the last decade, but I never thought it would get so bad that a family of humans would be unable to afford their belly buttons.  You don't hear of it very often, but things got so bad for the Smith family (made up name to protect their identity), that every member of the family pawned their belly buttons.  I can only imagine just how hard it must have been for the family members to have to give up their belly buttons.  As you can imagine, their belly buttons were grabbed up quickly by a rich person with a belly button collection.  I think it is sad when a rich person can buy up belly buttons just to brag about how many he has in his collection.  I hope that no other families have to go through the humiliation of having to sell their belly buttons.  However, I know that is only a dream.  As long as the humans think and act the way they do now, there will continue to be humans selling their belly buttons for money to eat, and other humans buying them to brag about owning them.  Stupid humans!!!

Demon Flash Bandit (Dog Who Disapproves of Hoarding Belly Buttons)

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