Thursday, December 8, 2011

Angry Birds and Angry Dogs

I know this is hard for me to report, but a lady wore an "Angry Birds" dress to a big event. This made me an angry dog. As my regular readers are aware, I dislike birds. Besides trying to take over the planet, they spend much of their time annoying dogs. This is how the birds infiltrate human society. They invented a video game, and then, once they get the weak minded humans playing it, they take over by having Angry Birds tshirts, and now dresses worn to big occasions. I have even seen Angry bird dog toys--like I want to play with a toy that has an angry bird on it. Sure, dogs are smart enough to see the birds plans,, but the humans are so easily fooled that I am very worried that the war with the birds will be settled in the birds' favor.

Another thing that I want to mention....several customers at a Walmart in Atlanta, Georgia have been poked by needles that are in the clothing sold at Walmart. The customers are complaining about it, but Walmart does advertise that it gives you better value for your money--this time, they are throwing in needles at no extra charge. Personally, I think there could be an angry birds connection with both these stories. I think the birds are putting the needles in the angry birds clothing line in a feeble attempt to give the humans more for their money. This will fool the humans because humans are idiots! I suppose it could be worse--they could be leaving their bird bombs in the clothing.

I will continue to watch for these news items and share them with my readers. When dealing with birds, a dog cannot be too vigilant!

Demon Flash Bandit (Not a Fan of Angry Birds)

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