Monday, December 5, 2011

Royal Family Cut Backs

I have written in the past about offering the Queen Lady (Elizabeth II) a job mowing my yard for a cool $25.00 because I have heard that she has had to cut back on her budget in recent years. Of course, she would have loved to come here and make the big bucks and spend some quality time with me, but her royal duties kept her from doing so. Now I have read that her portfolio is not doing as well as it once did, and there will be further cuts to her "allowance". Sadly, it is not the time of year for mowing the yard so I can't help her by letting her mow now. However, I do have a brilliant plan for her to keep up her royal standard of living. I think there should be a telethon for her. I'm sure all the humans out there living on regular type wages are very sympathetic to her plight. Many of her castles are going to have to go without needed repairs and she might even have to cut back on personal appearances or vacations. I'm sure I'm not the only dog who would not want to see this happen. In addition to the telethon, if you have any odd jobs that the royal family can do to raise money, be sure and let me know and I will transmit the message for you. I know that, like me, my readers are concerned about the lifestyle of the royal family....I know I would not want to see them have to cut back. They already had to serve fruit cake at the royal wedding. If you ask my opinion, how much more can they sacrifice?

Demon Flash Bandit (Watching Out for the Royal Family)

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