Friday, December 9, 2011

I just read a seemingly innocent article about tomatoes being a possible plant to use for Christmas decorating.
However, I have written past blog articles about the nasty variety of killer tomatoes that have even been covered by several Hollywood movies. Humans have such short memories about such things. Sure, not every tomato is evil, but the evil ones look like the good ones so it is hard to tell which is which. I would suggest everyone watch the movie, "Attack of the Killer Tomatoes" or any of its 3 sequels or the animated documentary so the humans will at least be semi-prepared if they do turn out to be of the killer variety. Personally, I would just decorate with something less dangerous--like maybe TNT, but that is me, and I am a dog. Being a dog, I've got more sense than the humans. Personally, I happen to prefer a more interesting decor often involving stuff that I have personally rescued from the garbage. The humans don't seem to appreciate that decorating scheme,, but it is quite lovely. I also like to decorate with bones and dog toys. A well placed bone can give a room that "lived in by a dog" look that is so popular with the humans. A bit of fur placed in strategic places also gives a wonderful look to a room. In fact, since the humans are dumb enough to decorate with tomatoes, I think I will start my own interior decorating service so the humans can live in homes that really look good. Move over, Martha Stewart, you have been replaced by Demon Flash Bandit!

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