Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas for a Celebrity Dog

For those of you who are wondering what Christmas is like for a celebrity dog, I am going to tell you about my holiday. I got up earlier than usual since it was Christmas and a dog has gifts under the tree to open. I was up at 11:00 am which is early for this dog. At noon, nothing was going on because the humans were waiting for my brother to get here. This was not acceptable because there were gifts under the tree with my name on them. Seriously, the to: said Demon Flash Bandit. Anyway, my patience with the humans ran out, I yelled Christmas. For those of you who doubt that I said Christmas, then you have not lived around Siberian huskies. We can talk human if we want to. Then I got under the tree and started helping myself to all the gifts. I might add that both Angel Zoom Smokey and myself had not bothered the tree up until this point because we are both good dogs, and the tree is artificial so the branches on it aren't really sticks which makes bothering them a lot less fun than if it were a real tree. Anyway, I got dingo bones, medium and large rawhide bones, beggin strips, and toys. We got lots of great stuff from Santa Paws not to mention all the gifts we received earlier from some of our doggy pals-like bones from Coco Rose and Puff and Zukes jerky from our pal, Raja. We just didn't wait for Christmas to eat those treats! Evidently, Angel Zoom Smokey's plan to deernap Rudolph worked better than I expected. I admit--I was a bit worried, but Angel Zoom Smokey was right this time! Santa Paws was much more generous to get his red nosed reindeer back! Our humans had a nice Christmas too. I hope everyone reading this had a nice holiday, and I hope everyone has a happy and prosperous New Year!!!

Demon Flash Bandit (Dog Who Enjoys Christmas)

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