Friday, December 2, 2011

Bacon Nativity Scene

As the Christmas season approaches, more and more of the humans are decorating their houses for Christmas. Most houses will have a Christmas tree decorated with lights and ornaments. They will also have other decorations throughout the house. Personally, I think that the baby "wet ones" in the Christmas packaging might be pushing it a bit....not that it isn't nice for everything to be festive, but the humans get a bit flaky at this time of year. Many of the humans will have nativities in honor of Jesus which makes sense because that is why the humans are celebrating Christmas. Normally, I let the humans deal with the decorating while I take naps. However, this year, I found an item that I want included in the decorations. That item is a nativity made from meat. Just the bacon roof makes me hungry. The great thing about this nativity is that you can display it during the Christmas season, and the family dog can eat it when the season is over so there is no bothering with taking it down. The dog does all the work which makes life easier for the human--and they need a break by the time Christmas is over. I have the address for the nativity scene, and I hope all the dogs reading this will have your human make one. Here is the address:
I have put this on my humans favorites list so that she will see it and get the idea to make one. Sometimes the humans need a push!

Demon Flash Bandit (Meat Nativity Scene)

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