Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Carpet Interview

As a tribute to news shows of the 60s and 70s which, for some reason, covered half hour events for 3 and one half hours, I am going to do one of the interviews which I'm sure was done by a newsman somewhere at sometime during those decades. Evidently back then, the newscasters didn't think the viewers were capable of understanding what was being said so it was necessary to explain it before and after. Therefore, if there was a Presidential speech, they had to come on early to tell the veiwers what they thought he would say and then later to recap what he had said. Here is my tribute to those newscasters.

Newcaster: If only the carpets could talk, I can only imagine what they would say.....with all the famous feet that have been walking on them today and all the important conversations they have been in on, if the carpet could talk, it would be a fascinating interview!
Wait a minute, I have something exciting to report--I have located some talking carpet and the carpet is willing to give me an interview!
Mr. Carpet, this is truly exciting. You have been walked on my some of the world's most powerful people today. What do you have to say about the people walking on you?

Carpet: That hurts. Quit stepping on me. Lose some weight! How about going outside to walk on the grass. Quit wearing heels lady. Uh-ho......here comes another human....no don't you dare unzip your pants....don't even think about.....oh no he didn't. I've got to go now and find some paper towels. I hate politics!

Newscaster: Now that you have heard first hand what the carpet thinks about the political climate today, we can go back to the scheduled program which has only been delayed for 5 hours for the half hour speech.

Yes, that is what it was like in the "good old days" when the humans only had 3 main channels to watch.

Demon Flash Bandit (Reliving the "Good Old Days")

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