Friday, December 30, 2011

For Sale: Birdual Items

There is an item on the Internet news about a man in China who has spent $16,000. on a virtual sword for a game that has not been released yet. This gave me an idea. I decided that I should start selling virtual dingo bones from my blog so that I can make money to buy real dingo bones. Of course, that idea was given up as quickly as I thought of it. Since dingo bones would be of interest to dogs, then there would be no way I could sell virtual dingo bones because dogs are too smart to buy them. We dogs want real bones--not virtual bones. Don't get me wrong.....I have a page on, and I get lots of cool gifts from my friends that make my page look good-including bones, and I like getting them. However, I am not paying money for them. No dog would spend real money on virtual bones. That is the kind of stupidity that only the humans possess. Perhaps I should design a Demon Flash Bandit game. It could involve killing birds or doing something similarly useful to society. I'm sure the humans who get involved in it would love to buy virtual game items--guns to shoot at the birds, grills to cook the birds, etc. They could be called Birdual Items. I just thought up a whole new word--I am such a talented dog! I bet it would be a big hit as a video game. How could it not be a hit if I'm in it?

Demon Flash Bandit (Selling Virtual Items)

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