Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Election Rigged!

Since the election, I have been receiving a lot of mail from disappointed voters.  I have decided to share one with my readers.

Dear Sir Demon,

I am so disappointed with the election results.  Clearly, you were the best candidate.  I voted for you, and according to a poll in my area, all the dogs voted for you.  We were so excited to have a candidate with common dog sense.  Do you realize that there is no secretary of sniffing on the President's cabinet?  Dogs know that countries would get along a lot better of the leaders sniffed each other's butts before meetings.

At first I assumed the humans voted for Trump so he won. I have since come to the conclusion that he rigged the election. If the humans weren't so dimwitted, they would see it.   He said it would be rigged. He got by with it even when he confessed in advance.

Please run again in 2020.  We need to have a dog running the country.


Rover (head of the dogs rule constituency.

I will run again in 2020. Meanwhile, us  dogs will be watching Trump!

Demon Flash Bandit ( Cheated by Human)

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