Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mooey's Story

This could be started by saying, "once upon a time",  but this is not a fairy tale.    I don't want to confuse the humans.  Heaven knows they are confused enough already. This actually happened.   Many centuries ago when my mom was young, she lived in a state called Georgia in a little hamlet called Ringgold.  I'm using the word, hamlet, because this dog loves ham and  its tasty counnterpart, bacon!

Mom attended high school there in the early 70's.  There was another student at the school when mom went there.  .  I'll call her "Mooey" to protect her actual identity.  Mooey was a very serious student who enjoyed attending school.  However, Mooey was a victim of discrimination.  Yes, we dogs aren't the only animals who face discrimination everyday.  Mooey was the victim of cow discrimination.

Every year, when the weather started getting hot, the teachers propped open the doors and opened all the windows to let air circulate.  The school did not have air conditioning.  This is when Mooey would use that opportunity to come to  class.  I do understand why the humans didn't want Mooey to attend.  They know that all the children would be copying Mooey's test paper.  How long would the teachers keep their jobs when the standardized tests show that Mooey did better without attending class everyday.  The humans do not want to admit that cows are smarter than them.  The school would look silly if the class valdictorian turned out to be a cow?  This is why so many intelligent cows end up in hamburgers and roast beef sandwiches.  No wonder the world is in such lousy shape.  It has humans making decisions they aren't smart enough to make!

I say let cows go to school!

Demon Flash Bandit ( Barking the Truth About Humans)

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