Monday, May 18, 2015

Just Say NO to Vegetables !!!!!!

Target hss announced that they will be selling less packaged food and more "fresh foods and vegetables"

.  I barked an interview with  Bullseye, Target's mascot dog, and he is angry.  The humans made that decision without checking with him.  Bullseye is a bull terrier, and we might not agree on our opinion of snow; when it comes to food, we agree completely.  Bullseye said he might have to take over the business before Target faces bankruptcy. I personally have no use for vegetables.  Fruit is okay, but I prefer crunchy fruit that isn't fresh-  Some of the humans may prefer yogurt and granola, but this dog would rather eat the packaged cereal.  Have you trid rice crispy treats?  I have and it is delicious.  What is next?   If bacon gets banned, what will us dogs eat?  I must go and stock upon bacon before it is banned.  If you get to the store before me, save me some bacon.

Demon Flash Bandit (Humans Should Never be in Charge)

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  1. Tell that to Travis and he will yowl about no more bacon...(Travis is from Lone Star Cats).