Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Depp's Dogs Should be Welcomed

I know the United States has some stupid people running the country.  However, although I have many dog pals in Australia (Charlie Down Under is one of them), I am having to make this announcement that I will never go to Australia to meet Charlie
  This is sad for my humans because they always considered Australia to be a nice place to go if the leaders of the U.S. got too stupid to tolerate.  Of course, that would probably never happen because Mommy's ancestors came here in the 1600's, and a small percentage of them were already here so this is her "old country".  Why is this dog mad at Australia?  A couple of days ago, I wrote a blog about Jonny Depp's dpgs.  He brought 2 Yorkshire territors with him on his private plane.  The bureaucrats in Australia wanted to kill the dog's because they were "illegal aliens". First of all, they are not from outer space so calling them aliens is insulting.  I don't think rich celebrities should be above the law.  However, the punishment should fit the crime.  A 10 year.prison sentence and a $263,000 fine is excessive punishment for bringing 2 cute dogs like Pistol and Boo into the country.   They should have been welcomed with open paws!  Considering how much money is brought into a country when a film is made there, I think Australia could lose a lot of money if studios decide not to film there in the future.  Besides, there is a series of shots that will keep a human from contracting rabies, and I think it is safe to assume that Depp's dogs have had their shots.  Therefore, it will come as no surprise to my readers that I won't be filming my new movie, Captain Demon Flash Bandit:  Pirate Dog  Down Under.  Yes, I have cancelled the shooting there, and it has been rescheduled at a different location.  Here is the link to the news article:

Demon Flash Bandit (Sticking Up fOr Fellow Dogs)


  1. We let dogs wiv passports in here Demon, come visit me. Oh, and we do haf very good film tax credit breaks if you're interested in filming here
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  2. Crikey Demon ...... it was Johnny Depp who did the wrong thing .... not Australia. We are a VERY friendly country and welcome all to our beautiful land. To come here you just have to do it properly and not be a BIG, FAT, SNEAK like Johnny Depp. We would never have killed Pistol and Boo. That was just one stupid politician trying to make a big name for HIMSELF going off half cocked. Beau and Pistol did NOTHING wrong. Johnny Depp, however, thought he was above the law and put his beautiful little Boo and Pistol in danger. He deserves WHATEVER they throw at him, which, by the way, will be NOTHING!! We are BIG SOFTIES in Australia. You can commit MURDER and only get locked up for a few years. I'm sorry you feel you couldn't come and visit me Demon. I sure would like it if you would reconsider. As long as you come in the right way you would be welcomed with open paws for sure, mate!!