Thursday, May 28, 2015

I"m Running for President

Next year is the U.S. presidential election so the humans are all crawling out from under their perspective rocks to run for the office.  I will again be putting my paw into the running.  Why should I get the votes?  The most important reason is because I am a dog, and my breed was bred to run.  I already have the dog vote, but the humans are more difficult because humans have delusions of grandeur, and think they are better than dogs-like that is possible!  My brother is designing a bumper sticker for my campaign.  I'm sure that sticker will have a lot of influence because it is very cool

Demon Flash Bandit  (Presidential Candidate)


  1. Can't wait to see the sticker Demon. We will vote fur you because you have more common sense than the humans running!

  2. You certainly have our votes. Could you please send us two of your bumper stickers? Mei-Ling and I will open a campaign office in Gallup.

    Demon Flash Bandit for President!!! Hate crime, liars and wasteful Government spending? Let Demon Flash Bandit nip it in the butt.