Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Upcoming Children's Art Contest.

I have good news for puppies and Human puppies who want to enter a contest.  I have written a book which needs illustrations with Angel and me in them.  I have decided that humom is not going to illustrate my book.  That drawing on top of this blog is a husky dog drawn by humom.  Yeah, I think you can understand why she isn't going to be the artist for my book.  She is not only artistically challenged, but she is even stick people art challenged.  My brothers can draw, but they don't have the time.  Therefore, I am asking for children 12 or under to send me your drawing of a Siberian husky.   The 10  chosen will get a $10.00 gift certificate from Amazon.  If you are chosen, you will draw a picture that will be used in my book.  You will also be given credit for your illustration.  If the book gets published, you can also see your name  printed in a book.  Isn't that cool?   Yes, Amazon does sell stuff for dogs.  I'm waiting on some Better Than Ears treats that should arrive soon.

I will have further details in future blogs.  I just couldn't wait to give my readers the good news.

Demon Flash Bandit (Writer)

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