Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Illegal Alien Birds

Today was a good day for Angel and myself.  William went out today, and came home with Burger King bacon double cheeseburgers for us.  I suspect he is trying to make up for confiscating my food earlier in the week.  I have already forgiven him, but if he thinks I'm still mad, he might bring us another batch of bacon double cheeseburgers. Therefore, he doesn't have to know he is forgiven.

The humans in the USA keep complaining about illegal aliens taking their jobs.  As usual, the humans are obsessed with work.  If an alien wants to come and pull a sled for me, I am happy.  It gives me more time to nap.  My only real concern with aliens is that they can fly here from distant planets so are they my dreaded enemy, the BIRDS?

Demon Flash Bandit (Bird.Hater)


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    1. Demon here: Whitley, I'm glad I you had hanburger. You have good humans.

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