Saturday, April 9, 2016

Martha Stewart Gone Wild

I just received the copy of the Martha Stewart"s Gone Wild" bluray.  I have been waiting with great anticipation for it to arrive.  Getting the opportunity to see what Martha Stewart can make out of objects she finds in the wild has to be great video.  On her show, she once gathered twigs so she could make a picture frame. It has to be an inspiration for the poor and homeless to realize that they too can own a picture frame.  It is no longer an object for the wealthiest of humans.  In fact, there are a lot more interesting items from which to make the frame.  The dumpster is like a craft store that doesn't charge.  With a frame purchased for $1.00 at a dollar store, some glue, and some imagination, that frame will be the envy of all the dogs who see it.   Humans so jealous, they will make fun of it.  However we know they want one too.  Imagine a banana peel frame?   For those willing to invest a little extra cash, you can glue uncooked macaroni  on the frames.  I think one with fruit flavored (for color) Cheerios glued on sold for $50,000 at an art auction.  I suppose that is how Martha  became wealthy.  She used wisdom.and creativity.  I heard she got her television show because after 4 hours in the woods, she built a stone house, made stick furniture,  hooked up electricity and plumbing, and had an open house party.  What an accomplishment!   In addition, she has made another "gone wild" video about animal rescue with a bunch of adorable baby seal pups.  Just type Martha Stewart Gone Wild into a search engine to watch it.  I am leaving you with this suggestion:  don't be jealous of people with interesting picture frames.  Make your own.

Demon Flash Bandit (Dog With Ideas)

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