Saturday, July 13, 2013

My Opinion of Wendy's Pretzel Burger and Dog Nutrition

Wendy's has a new pretzel bacon burger which I volunteered to taste test for the humans. It is delicious. Normally, I'm not a big fan of bread, and I usually just eat the meat, but the pretzel bread is an exception--I did eat a few bites of it. You didn't expect a dog to eat it all, did you? The bacon on a burger is always an improvement. In fact, this dog would add bacon to bacon for the ultimate in good eating. I don't know why the humans haven't thought of topping bacon with bacon. Wait, Mom says Daddy learned that trick when he was young. I think she is suggesting that Daddy ate too much bacon than was good for him, but Daddy was the most brilliant human I've ever known. I would not have the lovely personality I have today if it had not been for him treating me like royalty. I say he was a genius who knew how to treat a dog! Anyway, I hope everyone is having a nice weekend, and I plan to go into the kitchen to see if I can find any bacon laying around on the floor in there. There probably is no bacon since Mommy doesn't seem to have the good sense to buy it very often. Doesn't she know that bacon is on a dog's basic list of nutritional needs which I will publish for the benefit of humans who didn't know about it. Here are the basic 4 food groups for dogs: Food Groups for Good Dog Nutrition by Demon Flash Bandit 1. Meat (Bacon in particular) 2. Candy (Suger is necessary to give a dog energy....Swedish Fish are my personal favorites) Note: Some of the humans don't think candy is good for us dogs so help yourself if they don't give it to you volunterily. I can't tell you how many times I've found hidden candy just by sniffing around the house. 3. Dog Treats (Anything from Milkbones to all the other delightful treats they make for dogs). I have found the yogurt coated bones from the local pet store to be particularly tasty! 4. Rawhide Bones. The best tasting are dingo bones, but any rawhide will do in a pinch. You need these bones to clean your teeth and keep you from being bored. Remember, kibble is disgusting, and if the humans insist on buying it, let them eat it. It isn't like the family dog wasted money on it! Demon Flash Bandit (Talking Dog Nutrition)

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