Friday, July 5, 2013

Movie Review: The Lone Ranger

Today I will review the movie, The Lone Ranger.  Critics have been very hard on this movie, but this dog loved it, and that was in spite of the native American, Tonto, having a bird on his head.  As my regular readers are aware, I am not a fan of birds, but I'm okay with dead birds worn as part of a hat on a human's head.  I'm not saying it is a fashion statement that I would go for.  However,  if you are going to wear a bird on your head, as long as it isn't a live bird, I'm okay with it. 

The story is told by Tonto, and he explains how The Lone Ranger came to be.  As usual, Johnny Depp gives a spectacular (yes I said spectacular) performance as Tonto, and Armie Hammer is a very good Lone Ranger.  This movie was good enough that I  regret turning down a part in the film; but as you know, this dog is a busy dog who has napping to do.  Making a movie would interfere with that process.  I did enjoy the horse in this movie, and he definitely could be an honorary sled dog.  He has the independent spirit and intelligence of a Siberian husky. 

This was a very entertaining film, and I think it should be up for an Oscar for best picture, but it probably won't be because many of the Best Picture nominees are movies that  this dog considers inferior.  Sure, every now and then, a movie that deserves to win slips by like, The Artist which won best picture in 2011.  I can't tell you how pleased I was to see the dog in that movie win "best actor" also.  There are few actors in the history of the Oscars who deserved to win as much as that dog!

Anyway, this movie gets 12 paws up (again, I'm also using Angel Zoom Smokey and Phantom Fast Snowman), tails wags, kisses, and a milkbone.  That milkbone could be useful to Tonto if he needs to trade with someone to get something he needs.  On the human movie scale, I give it a 10 out of 10.  For those critics who think it is bad, I bet if you look it up, all of them would turn out to be humans.  I'm sure there isn't one dog among them.  Go and see this movie because this dog wants to see a sequel!

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