Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy Birthday USA

Today is the birthday of the United States, and Angel Zoom Smokey and I are very excited about it.  Whenever one of us has a birthday, the other one gets the same present so we won't get jealous of each other and we are both happy.   I am looking forward to a very special present in honor of the country's birthday.  I'm not sure what kind of gift you would give to a country, but I'm guessing most humans give their countries something useful.  Perhaps they will give  one of those umbrella hats I mentioned yesterday so the flag can stay dry when it rains.  I never gave it much thought, but after giving it some thought, a country is not easy for which to buy gifts.  However, Angel Zoom Smokey and I are much easier to buy for so, if the humans want to, I'm sure the country wouldn't mind if they just get an extra gift for us and skip the gift for the country.  I'm sure the country will get so many gifts, there probably won't be time to open all of them in one day.

Since it is the birthday of the USA, I think it is only appropriate that I spend a few minutes telling how the USA came to be.  Many years ago, a man named Columbus was out on a fishing trip and he discovered the "new world".  It really wasn't a new world because the native Americans had been living in the "new world" for a long time, and they didn't think of it as a new world.  Of course, it was new to the Eurpoeans.  Spain, England, and France wanted to claim the new world.  The native Americans were "in the way" so the Europeans decided to either shoot them immediately or put them in areas where they could slowly starve to death.  This was called assimulation.  Actually, it was a bit short sighted since sometimes it is good to learn to accept other people and cultures as happened during World War 2.  The code used by the USA was actually based on the Navajo tribal language, and therefore, was not broken by the enemy.  I don't mean to get into a speech on tolerance here, but if you notice, most dogs accept dogs of other breeds.  Sure, I may not always understand why a chihuahua is barking, but I don't usually get upset about it.  If it bothers me, I just politely tell the chihuahua that, if he doesn't shut up, I will step on him with my paw.  If only the humans had the intelligence of us dogs!  Anyway, the Europeons ended up taking over the country, but the colonies, who were owned by England, got mad at King George III because he was insane.  I might add that much of European royalty was crazy largely because they kept intermarrying their cousins so that they wouldn't get any "common" blood.  Of course, this is not a good practice so I think that explains much of the stupidity of past centuries when countries were being run not just by stupid humans, but super stupid humans.  The colonists banned together and, under the guidance of George Washington, the colonists beat the British and got their independence.  Then the colonists became a country, but I've already spent enough time on this history lesson, and I know the dogs reading it will be getting antsy to go and eat a treat so that is it for today.  For those of you who want to know more, I would suggest many documentaries available on dvd, but stick with the cartoons.  If you can't trust someone like Bugs Bunny to be honest, who can you trust?

Demon Flash Bandit (Historian)

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