Saturday, July 27, 2013

Movie Review: Pacific Rim

For those of you who want to see a movie about giant robots and monsters that fight each other, then the movie, Pacific Rim, is for you. I kept wondering if this movie was just a new transformers movie without calling the robots "transformers". It certainly had enough fighting and stuff being blown up to be a part of the Transformer franchise. I thought the best perfomance was by Charlie Day, who plays Charlie in the television show, It is Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Sadly, his performance couldn't turn this into a good movie. I did not enjoy this movie, and I thought it was seriously boring! How many times can a robot hit a monster before a dog gets bored? I give this movie 2 paws up which is about a 4 out of 10 on the human movie scale. I will say that, if you are a fan of Godzilla type movies, you will probably love it! Demon Flash Bandit (Movie Critic)

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