Thursday, July 11, 2013

Garage Sale Advice from Demon Flash Bandit

I have been unable to write a blog for the past several days because of computer difficulties at this site. I'm not sure if the difficulties were the fault of the site, my computer, or both: but I'm sure that my loyal readers have missed my informative and helpful blogs! Luckily, I'm BACK!!! Summer is not my favorite season because of all the hot weather, but one thing that is good to do at this time of year if one wants to make some extra money is to have a garage sale. I have read many articles giving humans (and dogs) advice about how to have a good garage sale that will make the most money possible. As usual, if you want the best advice about how to make money having one, always come for my advice. If the humans would quit listening to other humans and stick to dogs for advice and guidance, the humans would be a lot more successful and much, much happier. What is my advice about how to make a bigger profit on a garage sale? My advice to the humans is- when you are ready to have a garage sale, you do it from your neighbor's garage. It makes you a lot more money because everything you sell is profitable.....if the neighbor has a classic Corvette, and you are offered $500.00 for it, that is $500.00 pure profit. The same goes for everything else in the garage, and it is a lot less work. You don't have to go through your own house to find things to sell, and then carry them out to the garage. The neighbor's stuff is already there, and ready to sell. If you happen to have a rich neighbor, choose that garage. Remember, the better the stuff in the garage, the more money you make. Once you are done with the garage sale, I recommend you invest the money into dingo bones since they are the best bones a dog can get! Good luck! Demon Flash Bandit (Dog Giving Garage Sale Advice)

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