Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Justice for Ramses III

Today, in the news, there is an item stating that Ramses III, Egyptian Pharoah  probably of the 20th dynasty (1186 BC-1155 BC) was murdered by having his throat slit.  It is thought that the murder involved a conspiracy in his harem, but the murderers are not being arrested because they have been dead for thousands of years.  I, for one, am glad that this mystery has been solved because I'm sure that Ramses III will rest better knowing that his killers have finally been identified.  In an interview I had with him, he said that the first hundred years of being dead were annoying, but after that, he got used to the idea of being dead and it isn't so bad.  However, I am concerned about the possibility that his killers might be getting off easy just because they are dead.  Still at large:  Brendan Fraser for killing the mummy!  Will he ever be brought to justice for killing the mummy?  I think his film career answers that question.  When Ramses III was asked about his opinion of Brendan Fraser, he said,  "Dudley Doright did wrong."

Demon Flash Bandit (Justice for Ramses III)

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